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Friday, August 17, 2018

Random Thoughts

  • I'm really kinda worried about the "Blue Wave" theory of the next election. Right now the left is pretty confident that control of congress will be taken from the right, and some of the damage to the progressive growth in the nation will be mitigated, if not reversed. The idea here is that it's absolutely ridiculous to assume that the public will allow Trump and his cronies to continue to walk back basic human rights. Of course, it was absolutely ridiculous to assume that Trump would be elected in the first place, so there were far to many no-shows on election night. More voters would have made tampering more difficult, or at least more obvious. Instead, we as a nation figure it'll all turn out for the best and stay home. It's a mistake we can't afford to continue to make.

  • and while we're on the topic of politics: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So yes, she was wrong on how unemployment is figured. And she's inexperienced and young, but the fact is, we need to start somewhere if we're going to bring diversity and change into the establishment, we're not going to do it with lifetime establishment Democrats. And her heart is in the right place, which is a lot more than I can say for the OTHER inexperienced individual holding high office in the nation right now.

  • On a personal note, I deleted my side blog where I was chronicling some of my experiences with the health issues related to being a decade post bariatric surgery, mostly because it was getting to be a total bummer. Things are not terribly good for me when it comes to my health right now, and I'm seeing a whole lot of doctors, been through some pretty uncomfortable treatments with some nasty side effects, and came out of it feeling worse than when I went in, and now have been referred to new doctors with other ideas... hopefully better ideas...

  • I'll be connecting with the American Cetacean Society again, hopefully attending next week's meeting. I really haven't found something to engage me since coming to Petaluma, and a lot of the things I'd hoped for have turned out to be a bit different than they look from a distance. Not that they're bad, just maybe not right for me. And more than anything right now, I miss the ocean, especially the whales.

  • Transportation up here is horrendous. Gas prices are bad, but it's actually cheaper to drive than to take the buses around here. Unless you're going over bridges. Bridge tolls are $5 and $6 here. I could never afford to go into the city to work every day! Glad I don't have to go too often, but every time I go to the doctor (specialist) it's going to cost me about $6 to go over the bridge, and $4/hour for parking. It's made me reconsider my move here.

  • and in the tradition of past Random Thoughts posts: PUFFINS!

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