Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fall Fun

It's been a busy fall.

We've been looking for a larger place, doing a bit of traveling to see different neighborhoods, and doing a bunch of little events here and there.  Last weekend we did a Victorian Christmas Crafting even at the historic home of General Vallejo in Sonoma.  I took photos, but had only uploaded them to Facebook until now.

Other things we've done? No so much with the photos... more stuff like farm markets, craft fairs, that sort of thing.  We did the big corn maze in Petaluma, which was a lot of fun, but I left my camera home, so the photos all come from my Instagram account.  I just keep forgetting to post here.

So let's start with October 28th, when we went to

Windsor for the Farmer's Market and Pumpkin Festival

It's really beautiful and peaceful up in Windsor, and Cay asks often if there is a possibility of moving there (no, it's too far away from medical services for me), and we like to go up there just to walk around the square and have a hot cuppa at Cafe Noto.  There were some kid crafts during the Pumpkin Festival, and these lovely succulent arrangements in Pumpkins that were for sale for charity.  There wasn't a whole lot to do, but we did get some amazing cheese by one of our local (Petaluma) dairies.

the very next day (October 29th) we went to

The Petaluma Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

The corn maze was a lot of fun.  Hint: ALWAYS buy the map. You may not need it, but...

There were other events.... Cailin went to the Dia de los Muertos procession and festival here in town, and the showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, both of which I was just to run down from all the other activity to participate in.  Next year...

Now we're into November, and we're gearing up for the Christmas holiday events.  Our first Christmas event was this past weekend, when we went to Sonoma to partake in a Victorian Crafting Event at the historic home of General Vallejo.  I remembered my camera for this one.

Victorian Crafting/  Home of General Vallejo

I know for myself, that I find it odd to think of items in a museum on the founding of what is now an American state which weren't even considered antiques when I was born.  I'm hoping that says more about the depth of California's history than my age.

There were a HUGE variety of crafts available to make:  Mini-wreaths, dried flower arrangements, cornicopias and ornaments made from paper and doilies, clothespin dolls, clove oranges... and a few other tables with simpler crafts like stamp crafts, color and paste carousel horses, and tule boats (which I was disappointed to find didn't involve bundling and weaving grasses, but gluing bark).  Even though we didn't have  young children with us, Cay and I had a wonderful time making a lot of the crafts, as well as exploring the home of General Vallejo.

This week we start a calendar packed schedule of craft shows and various Christmas events.  I'll try to remember my camera!

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