Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse, and 2024 Homecoming.

The skies cleared over Long Beach just in time for the eclipse.  I held my spare solar viewing glasses over my camera and snapped a shot:

I couldn't help but notice that our next eclipse, in 2024, has a path of totality that takes it directly over my hometown.

I may be heading back to the east coast in 7 years.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


A number of things have happened today.

First,that little whale that has been traveling around Newport Beach, and had been driven out of the harbor into the open ocean, is now perking up a little and swimming "laps" around the LA Harbor after being rescued from another location, where the water was too shallow for him to swim.


Until it was moved into open water, there was social media silence on the whereabouts of the whale, for the whale's well-being.

The whale is very thin, has not been observed eating, and has a long way to go to join other Gray Whales up near the Alaskan feeding grounds.  The whales will start their migration again down the coast in another few months.

The second bit of news is a little more uplifting for me.  Recently I posted about seeing a reddish egret in the wetlands along route 1.  I was pretty sure of what I saw, at the same time, had to admit to some skepticism since the bird was out of its normal range.   Today I had one of the Bolsa Chica Wetland Reserve Docents as a guest at one of my marine mammal lectures, and we had a long time to talk, since she and her husband came to a lecture long before the boat left.  After we discussed the mammals, and she mentioned her docent position, I asked about the bird I saw, and yes, she confirmed that there are currently 5 reddish egret in the wetlands this mating season.

I've now decided to add photographing some of the birds at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands as one of the items on my farewell tour.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Farewell Tour: Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach

Today, working down on the Peninsula, I suddenly realized that while I'd photographed some of the boats and the water, I hadn't really photographed the area that was dedicated to tourism down on the Peninsula.  Some of the shops are really struggling, and as winter comes on, they know they'll be facing a lean time.  For some reason, summer is the tourist season there.  

The sale of the Balboa Fun Zone to Discovery Cube is a great opportunity for both the residents and The Cube.  If they can make this a destination, if they can walk that fine line between history/ tradition and a modernized attraction, then can save a lot of businesses, a lot of jobs, and make a lot of money.

Today I've photographed the area as it is, complete with the disappearing and changing buildings, signage, and shops.

Hello from the Farewell Tour

Well, I ran out of photo space pretty quick over at Wordpress, so I added the posts I've done this summer to my Archives Site on Wordpress, and here I am, home on Blogger, where I'm pretty sure I can blog for years without running out of space for my pictures.

The sad part of all this is that I can't automatically post to my Facebook account here, but some things have to be borne.  I also don't have the cool theme options, but what I have will work out fine, I'm sure.

So, the Farewell Tour:  If you've been a member of THIS blog and not THAT blog (the Wordpress version) then you may need some catching up.

Yes, I'm in Los Angeles County, in Long Beach to be specific, and my hopes for Long Beach and the optimism I'd had were pretty much in vain.  I am less than happy here, although my medical needs are finally being met.   I have better options both for my living arrangements and my medical care in Sonoma County (Petaluma)  and am preparing to move there as soon as an apartment becomes available in my target complex.

So at this point, I'm tying up loose ends in LA, seeing the things I want to see before I go.  Recently it was a tour of the museums downtown:  The LaBrea Tar Pits, the LA County Museum of Art, The Museum of Natural History, the Science Museum, and, while I was in Exposition Park, the rose garden.  Shortly before that it was the South Coast Botanical Gardens.  I'll be continuing to post the Farewell Tour, as well as some of my other activities, and likely, now that things have heated up beyond my ability to keep silent, a lot more political ramblings.