Sunday, July 16, 2017

The things we leave behind

I really miss blogging here on Blogspot, but I've got things going over on Wordpress now, both in the form of an archive page and my newer posts, which are mostly about whale watching and marine science these days. Oh, and plenty of photos of the cactus on the end of the street, which has become some sort of icon of hope for me here.

California has not been the Eden I'd hoped. I knew things would be rough in Long Beach, but I had little idea how rough.  My medical care is now pretty good, and I've saved more money than my annual income so far, which is a good thing.  The bad thing is it's so darn expensive to live, and I'm not exactly feeling safe or comfortable in my little apartment.

I'm looking to head north, to Petaluma, eventually.  I'm back to needing car repairs and a trailer for the move, although when I've gotten things for this apartment, I've been careful to get things that I don't have to get rid of before I move:  things I can lift myself and put in a trailer.

I've been able to pick up some flexible part time work doing marine mammal lectures for people going out on whale watches in the OC.  I work twice a week, and after those two days I pretty much feel like the walking dead (which is why I'm down to two days rather than the original 3) but the extra income for the summer has allowed me to get a little furniture in here that isn't plastic, stock my freezer, and will be paying for the car repairs next week.

I've been exhausted by the political fights, the marches, the rallies, and the actions, and I'm feeling a bit burned out by it all.  That doesn't mean I don't continue to have very strong feelings, but I'm looking for more direct action.

You can follow my blog at  I do have some filtering and spam protection over there, which helps with the occasional troll... one of the joys of Wordpress.