Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's only a matter of time

The apartments I've been dreaming of for the last few years now has a wait list rather than just calling in and hoping to get lucky.  That gives me more hope, because it means it's just a matter of time (not luck).

The car is repaired, the hitch installed, and tomorrow the security deposit will set aside.  Then it's just a matter of the application fee and the gas and motel to get  up there a couple times to do paperwork.

If worse comes to worse, I do have a car credit card I can use for gas (but don't like paying the interest on it unless I absolutely have to!)

I have to admit, I'm a little worried about moving 38 miles from San Francisco with North Korea already covering almost a quarter the distance with their missiles.  I've been checking different bomb sizes on NUKEMAP and I'm feeling pretty confident Petaluma would be OK in a North Korean strike.  

And who ever thought we'd even have to think about this again anyway? I remember being a school kid during the Cold War and having to go out into the halls and crouch against the walls covering my head.  "Air Raid Drill"... of course we just did it, never thought about how absolutely useless that drill would be if we were ground zero of a nuclear attack.

I can't waste a lot of time and effort worrying about that.  Right now I'm just wondering which stage of the complex I'll be moving into.  There are two stages to the property and the layouts are a bit different between them:

I kinda like the extra space you get at II, but like the layout of I better, with the little galley kitchen and the bathroom off the bedroom rather than the entryway.  Of course, 50 some odd square feet extra is nothing to sneeze at, but I also don't understand what appears to be two storage areas off the patio rather than one, and would prefer the patio off the living room than the bedroom.   This is just a really wonky design... but a wonky design with lots of storage and space.  The finishes are also better in the second apartment...

Well, we'll see when I get there!  

Monday, September 11, 2017

No Cal. Park Plans

I like to plan trips wherever I go.  This morning I'm compiling a list of Northern California places of interest.

LAKE SHASTA CAVERNS NATIONAL NATURAL LANDMARK  What can I say? Forest, lake, cave (I do like caves!)  It's a bit of a trip, but looks like it could be worth it.  The only problem is, they may not take my National Parks Pass, because National Natural Landmarks could be under private ownership.  Certainly the website is privately owned, although there is a listing for the site in the NPS page.

Lava Beds National Park  lava tubes! Bats! Lava fields!

Muir Woods (so long as I don't run into any talking apes!)

There's also some really oddball stuff in the far northwest corner of the state, up around Eureka, including The Trees of Mystery, The Bigfoot Museum, and the Tour Through Tree, but those are a heck of a drive for a day trip.

I'll definitely plan on Petaluma Adobe State Park, and look forward to some sort of involvement with Windrush Farm, the local wool farm.  In anticipation of that, I think I'll probably make myself a new malacate.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


My life has taken a sudden detour.

It does that sometimes.  But this one could be massive.  I'm gearing up for change, even while holding on to the possibility of sameness.
I start whale watch program again in October.  I go back to being a docent at the aquarium in two weeks.  I'm taking a class in ceramics, and doing some painting.

It all feels very normal, except for the awareness of fragility.

I'm once again waiting to hear back from doctors, this time, not for a positive diagnosis, which I have, but to look at possible outcomes and time frames.  I'm still calling Petaluma to try to get into that apartment.  I'm thinking more seriously of going back to Santa Fe and just surrendering to it all.

Like any detour, I have no idea where I'm going.  I know what my goal is, but I can only follow the new twists and turns and hope that I don't stray off the new paths being laid down in front of me, that I don't find myself farther from my goals and dreams.

So for a while, at least, there will be whales, there will be museums, there will be zoos.  But there will also be gaps while I'm dealing with all the other things... times when I'm off the map trying to get to someplace that's either familiar or en route to the future I choose for myself.