Thursday, January 29, 2015

How does this happen?

So LAST Christmas I took a number of pictures at the Canyon Road Farolito walk.

And today I was on my Picasa Web Album looking for other photos, and found a strange album.

And in that album were a number of my Christmas photos, which now twinkle.

This one is actually my Christmas tree and the presents under it:

These are from Glow at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden:

and this one is the Plaza in Santa Fe:

This one is also from last year, from the Blue Corn Cafe, when I was waiting for Ristra the Reindeer to be dropped off for a scavenger hunt I was taking part in:

They are all in a folder listed as "Auto Backup" and are not visible from Blogger when I'm looking for photos, but are visible directly from Picasa Web Albums.   Since they ARE in a folder on my Picasa albums, I have to assume that Google twinkled my photos.  But when and why?

One of my friends (thanks DeeAnne) gave me this link:
which discusses "AutoAwesome"... which allowed you to add effects to your Christmas images in 2013.   However, I never used AutoAwesome, so the "why" is still a mystery, unless Google used my photos for example, or AutoAwesome is absolutely automatic, which doesn't explain why ALL my Christmas photos don't twinkle.