Thursday, October 9, 2014

Time Flies

Why is it the older we get, the quicker time goes by?

Today I'm thinking about the things I used to do when I was younger, and wondering where I found the hours in the day.  Back then I'd work 12 hours a day, go home, get changed and grab dinner, feed the kids and help them with homework, do home repairs and crafting, and still have time to go out a couple times a week with friends clubbing.

At one point (and it seems like only yesterday!) I was doing my Masters, taking 33 credit hours at once, working full time, and raising 4 kids, 3 with special needs programing.

Now I'm on my own, struggling to maintain my A average in community college, and struggling with getting out of the apartment in the mornings.  Every day seems too short, every week not enough hours, and balancing school, volunteering, and home seems like a nearly overwhelming chore.

It's been four hours since I've rolled out of bed (yes, I overslept today), and it seems like minutes.  I'm on my 3rd cup of tea trying to wake up enough to get going, stop the shaking (which I get when I'm really REALLY tired) and start my day.  When I think of what I used to be able to accomplish in the time it now takes me to simply get moving, I'm a little baffled at how I did it all.

At this point, I've been in my apartment alone for 4 months, a third of a year already! and I just hung the lamp over the table yesterday.  Where did all that time go?

At this point I'm closer to 60 than 50.  There's something about that number... 60... that carries so much more weight.  I remember blogging about turning 40.  I remember making goals for my life at 50.  I even named my blog Fabulous @ 50 because that was a goal I had, never thinking I'd be blogging about my weight loss and health improvement work after that point.  After all, I was only 45ish.  and then it became Fabulous AFTER 50, and I knew that the years were rushing at me quicker than I could foresee.

At this point I know if I blink I'll be 60.  I also know that there's no going back to 20, or even 30, and the energy and time I had in those days.  Life is becoming more and more compressed, and I have to adjust to that somehow.

I think the first step of that is going to be acceptance.

The old grey mare just ain't what she used to be.

I also know that this doesn't mean that my life can't be full or fulfilling.  I simply need do place those things that nourish me ahead of the perceived "have to" list I have, to fill my time with things I truly value and which make my life happier, easier, and more secure. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Harvest Festival

I've blogged Harvest Festival at El Rancho de las Golondrinas for the last couple years.  This year I wanted to get some of the photographs I didn't get in the last couple years.  I'd decided photograph the first steps down the hill of the procession of San Isidro, but ended up leaving the dye shed too late, and catching up with the procession in the field.  I ran over the hill beneath the morada to get a few good photos, and ended up with a skirt full of cactus.

But I also ended up with the pictures:

The fields and waterways are blessed as the bulto of San Isidro is brought down to the chapel for the winter. 

The bulto of San Isidro, with angels driving the plow. 

Later on in the day I headed up to the top of the ranch to see the sorghum press.  By the time I got there they were wrapping up, or at least the mule was.

I didn't have the time to run around the ranch too much, things were pretty busy this weekend, which made my day!  Tay worked most of the time at the cider press, and kept me in fresh pressed cider all weekend.  Cay was at the archery range most of today, and of course I spent a couple days in the dye shed.

I briefly saw one of the dance groups in the upper ranch:

and I tok a detour back to the dye shed through the pacita, where I picked up some bread fresh out of the horn and photographed some of the decorations for the festival.

pumpkins and squash outside the Baca House.

some of our harvest in front of the hornos. 

It was a perfect weekend for the festival, perfect weather, as it often seems to be at this time of year.  Harvest festival is definitely one of my favorites!