Thursday, December 18, 2014

A tremendous sense of well-being.

It isn't often that the middle of the month rolls around... especially when that middle of the month is the week before Christmas... and I have a tremendous sense of well being.  At this point I'm usually counting meals to see if I can make it to the end of the month.  Wondering how much toilet paper I have left and if I can spare some for the girls (who have less) and worrying if I'm going to run out of gas before I run out of month.

Right now I've got food for the month, food for Christmas dinner, and a full tank of gas.  Yesterday I brought the girls over 4 bags of shopping: things they run out of all the time (toilet paper, milk, laundry soap, etc...) and finished Christmas shopping.  Today I mailed gifts off to my eldest in Florida, got quarters for the vending machines for lunch when I visit my son this Saturday, and bought that little table from the ReStore.  I even splurged on myself and got a couple movies from Redbox (The Hundred Foot Journey, which was good, but not great, and And So It Goes, which was better, but rather formulaic.  What I liked best about the latter is that no matter how many movies I see them in, Kurt Douglas and Diane Keaton are always their CHARACTERS, and they, as actors, don't intrude on their role)   The best part was sitting here in peace and quiet and enjoying a couple movies that the kids would never be interested in.

The girls have the clothes and shoes they need, and I picked up a used sewing machine for Taylor, so she could make new liners for her ferret cage and could continue working on her costuming.

...and of course they have fun, useful, needed and/or educational items that I'll be wrapping tomorrow to put under the Christmas tree.

Plus, I am awaiting shipment of my Shimpo banding wheel and bisque tiles so I can get a head start on the semester's micaceous pottery building.

These next few days will be busy:  Saturday when I come back from visiting my son I'll take my daughter to a living nativity at a church on her side of town.  She'd been asking to see one again, missing the nativity at Filipe De Neri in Old Town Albuquerque.  She'll be surprised to see one here at First Baptist Church.  I'll be going to a musical performance by the Santa Fe Desert Chorals of their program Carols + Lullabies at the Christo Rey Church.  On the 24th we'll be doing the Canyon Road Farolito Walk .  There are a number of other events for us to choose from at various Christian churches around town, as well as a Solstice celebration at the UU church I prefer to attend.  I'll get together with the girls to see how many of these we will go to.   Some of these celebrations (Especially those held at various Christian churches) are an important part of New Mexico culture and tradition.

Oh, and Sunday we're getting together (the girls and I and our dogs) with some of the seniors here and THEIR dogs for a doggie play date at the big dog park down the street.

That's all GOOD stuff, and while I figure I'll be pretty tired once Christmas is over, I'll be happy, and hopefully I'll have time to re-energize before New Years.

So yeah, I'm stepping back from the TV news a little, and just enjoying the feeling of security these next couple weeks. 

Video du Jour: LotR Mythology Explained

just in case you haven't already read The Silmarillion:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

And just like THAT, a day turns around.

One of my readers sent Christmas money.  Enough to fulfill my Christmas dreams.
I've ordered the ceramics banding wheel I needed to continue my work with micaceous clay.  Tomorrow I'll be heading into Albuquerque to thrift at Savers (which, BTW, is having a 40% off members sale, so I'll have to find my little red card!) with Tay... possibly Cay depending on her finals schedule, and Saturday I'll be driving down to Los Lunas to visit Luke.

After my winter coat is dry (the washer just stopped, time to toss it in the dryer!) I'm going to run out and get a box and ship the stuff to my eldest daughter in Tallahassee... and right now things feel pretty darn hopeful :D

Thank you.