What we don't notice is...

Today I had just sat down with my lunch, a chicken club sandwich, which will later have some bearing on this story, when Cay came out of her room and asked, "Do you have a pair of binoculars?"

Well, I didn't, so she ran and got her camera as she said "what kind of nest is that across the street? It's HUGE!"  and I said, probably some sort of raptor, and got up to get my camera.

It's pretty difficult to shoot birds in trees against a bright sky at noon with any kind of accuracy, but it looks like this are red shoulder hawks, just getting ready to fledge.

any birders out there, feel free to correct me on my identification

Now, this nest must have been there for a while, and we never noticed it until now.  I would have liked to photograph it from the time it was built, with the adult birds in the photos.  Opportunity missed.

And the other thing that went unnoticed?  When I returned from my photography, I was met with an open face lettuce sandwich, and a discarded tomato on the floor.  There was no sign of the chicken and bacon, and Cinnamon (my dog) still chewing and swallowing, ran to hide behind the couch.