Thursday I started working with the 4th graders who come through Petaluma Adobe for their two day adventure on the Rancho.  It reminds me a little of Spanish Colonial Days at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, only there's about 30 kids instead of 1500, and they sleep over at the ranch.

I've been demonstrating and teaching carding and spinning on the supported spindle, and the park has decided to invest in roving so that the kids can spin more during their 45 minutes at the wool station.  Spinning on the supported spindle went over really well with the students!

All this, and Cay's gift of a Schacht Navajo Spindle as my Christmas present this year, has me thinking more and more about wool.  I've already contacted the mill in Mora and plan on ordering some churro roving, something I had to put off a couple weeks because of the move.  I would have liked to have had one of the handmade spindles from El Rancho de las Golondrinas, but was advised it would be too difficult to ship.  I'll have to pick up one, and an inkle loom, when I go back to Santa Fe for a visit.  At least I can get some of that good, New Mexico churro!

I've also heard from one of the park employees that there is sometimes roving available at The Legacy Shop, a fiber and craft store in Sebastopol benefiting the Senior Center there.   That sounds like a good way for me to get spinning now, and maybe to play with different kinds of wool. I've spun shetland and I've spun churro, and there's a little merino at the Adobe to spin for demo, but not a whole lot, just some little bits we demo carding with.

I also have some natural dyed wool and some undyed grey and white in ziplock bags I brought with me to California when I left Santa Fe, but it got pretty compressed in the moving around, and I'd have to recard it or just use it for felting (which was more what I had in mind when I dyed the wool in the first place.)

Now that we're settled in the bigger apartment, I have a table set up in my room where I can do some small scale artwork, and I'm thinking that some needle felting is definitely in order, at least until I can spin up some yarn, and figure out a way to get it dyed. I'm thinking that I could just go out and dye somewhere I could build a camp fire, or perhaps use some of my own stuff to do demos at the Adobe.

Right now I'm just happy to have my hands in wool again, and even happier to be able to share the joy of wool with young people eager to learn.