Pre-Panic Preperation

(screen capture from CNN website shutdown timer on their website, moments before writing this blog)

Today I woke up with a migraine.  The last few nights I've had about 5 hours sleep, the night before last I had one of my awful gastric events that sometimes land me in the ER.  Since I wasn't bringing up a lot of blood, I didn't go.  It's just as well.  With the arthritis in my hips acting up, it's hard enough to get into my own bed.  Getting into a hospital bed would be sheer torture. 

So I wonder what it would be like if I ended up living in my car again.

Most local housing offices don't have the money to fund their program participants through February.  Some didn't have enough for January.  The shutdown means HUD programs, which are funded by the calendar year, did not receive their funding... and are running on reserve money. 

Sometime between now and February 1st, the funds might be allocated and released, IF an agreement can be reached to end the government shutdown.  Trump says the shutdown could last for years.  As long as Mitch McConnell blocks any vote in the senate, we have little hope of seeing an end to this.  And I SUPPORT that the Democrats aren't budging on this, and that they are now discussing making ending the shutdown the ONLY job rather than advancing other bills. And I DO NOT support the wall.

I resent the GOP holding me hostage in the wall debate.  I imagine a lot of Americans do, or they will, as the reality comes down to it.  This is just another way to divide us, and I suppose the GOP wants us to think that it's the Democrats fault, that all they need to do is pay the ransom and fund the wall, and we'll be released unharmed. I'm sure that there are people out there who would believe that paying for the wall is harmless, and would at least save them... and don't think about the problems of a wall, or the idea that their lives are the price of a piece of Trump legislation that the majority of the nation disagrees with, which will harm the environment, take land from American homeowners, and cause international distrust.

Homelessness is already a problem in this country.  Can you imagine what it would be like if every recipient of a HUD related housing program suddenly ended up on the street as a result of this? Not just rental vouchers, but mortgage reduction programs and homeowner programs?  Then imagine what that would do to housing costs around the nation, with so many vacant homes and apartments...  This would not only impact the residents of those homes, but the banks, the owners and landlords.

Now this is NOT the longest shutdown we've had.  We had one for 21 days before. But there is every sign that this will continue, the question is, will it continue into February?  Trump and McConnell seem to have no issue with trashing the nation in order to build a border wall, which, they claim, is to prevent foreigners from trashing the nation.  Part of me thinks that something will have to happen before checks have to go out in February.  Part of me has little faith in this government of extremism.

 Right now I'm torn. On Feb 1 I'm supposed to be moving into a two bedroom apartment with my aid/daughter. We've been preparing for that.  Now I wonder if we shouldn't have been stockpiling water, saving money in cash, and reducing the items we own against a possible descent into homelessness again.

A couple days ago we went to a thrift store and got lamps for the additional room.  Today we were planning on going out and getting lampshades for the lamps.  Suddenly, that feels too frivolous, too optimistic.  We'll hold back on that a few more weeks.

No wonder I have a headache.