Many Once Upon a Times

Once upon a time there were these anarchists who hated the government. Mostly they were undocumented immigrants. They didn't want to pay their taxes, because they said they were unfair.  They were real liberal snowflakes.  They didn't like having to support the military, and they wanted more representation in the government, because they figured they knew better than those who actually founded the government.

They got dressed up in costumes (which weren't even PC) and started destroying corporate property.  It was a violent riot.  And it wasn't even the first or last time they stirred up trouble. 

They ended up killing people, and made their own government.  They are American Heroes.

Once upon a time there were a lot of people who were really poor and hungry, and in the same land were a few people who were really rich and well fed.  The poor people went to the rich people and said "we don't have enough to eat.  We're sick and dying. Please help us"  and the rich people looked up from their cakes and down on the poor people and said "no", because everyone knows if you give someone a handout they become lazy and dependent. .  And the poor people cut off the heads of the rich people, and became French Heroes.

Once upon a time in a place that's very cold there were some rich people and some poor people, and damn, they went through a lot, because first they killed all the super rich, then when they took over, they wouldn't share and made other people poor, and now they've got a government with a real leader, but people don't like that he takes out people who are bad to him, and a group of girls started making bad music about him and their country and had to be put in prison but kept getting out, and Pussy Riot are real heroes.

And while we look back at all the heroes who were hated and criminalized in their time, people like the leaders of the American Revolution, or the Civil Rights Movement, then maybe it's time to wonder about where we're going today, with a government that doesn't work for the people, one that's shut down and failing to meet its responsibilities, in a nation of huge income disparity, worse than that during the French Revolution.

Maybe it's time for the haters to stop calling the people on the street marching, or giving comfort and aide at the borders, or standing between People of Color and white nationalists "snowflakes", and start realizing that you're seeing the wave of the future, a wave that's really modeled more after the heroes of the past, including that most pointed at hero in our white, Christian culture: that middle-eastern socialist liberal who supposedly lived over 2000 years ago, and who you claim should be the model for your existence in this world.

Once upon a time is now.