Photos from the Tolay Fall Festival.

It's been almost a week since we went to the Fall Festival, and with other festivals and events coming up this weekend, if I wanted to get some photos up, it seemed NOW was a good time to do it. That said, I'm planning on a festival and a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show this afternoon/evening, and tomorrow it's pretty much running from one Halloween/Dia de los Muertos event to another.

The Fall Festival was held in the newly designated county park. The land had been owned (and used by the county for the fall festival) for a number of years, but is officially opening to the public tomorrow.

It's a long drive from the road down a winding unpaved drive to the parking area, and it was a mob scene.  It took three times as long to get down the drive than the drive from home to the park, due to the number of cars.  But this looked promising...

There were plenty of craft activities at all levels, including wool carding and washing...

and traditional basket weaving.  We passed on the potato stamps and macaroni bead necklaces.  There was also a station for corn husk dolls, as well as a play area for the kids to get out their energy, and contests of various sorts (like pumpkin seed spitting) 

There was also a lot of demonstration of Indigenous crafts and cooking, including making acorn flour. 

There were also quite a few food vendors and food trucks, including beekind, which makes a Hatch green chile creamed honey that almost made me cry with longing for New Mexico. 

this is just one of the aisles of goodies (crafts, education, and food) in the festival.

I loved the idea of "Goatopia", but it probably would have been good to have a volunteer there as well, since a lot of people, both children and adults, were pulling straw from bales and feeding it to the goats.  I was a little surprised that in such an agricultural area, people didn't know the difference between straw and hay.  Cay later told me that there was an announcement over the intercom at one point asking people not to feed the goats, and compared feeding the goats straw to having someone feed you your blanket. 

The Night Time Creature Barn

Inside the barn.  There were different groups as well as different animals, both live and taxidermy.  There was a tide pool touch tank from the Sonoma Coastal parks, and several rescue/rehab groups there.  

Bat rescue worker handling a Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

outside the barn there was music, performed live by various artists throughout the day. 

and of course, there were hayrides and PUMPKINS!