Dia de los Muertos Opening Celebration

Here in Petaluma, there are pretty much celebrations leading up to Dia de los Muertos all October long.  This weekend kicked off the opening event, which was billed as a health fair and Dia de los Muertos fair at St Vincent de Paul Catholic church downtown.  I didn't see too much that could be considered a "health fair", although with all the political tables, Cay kidded that it wasn't personal health, but the health of the community they were promoting.

I did spend a lot of time at various candidates tables, because I DO want to be an educated voter.  I would have to say that the representation was very one-sided, but that I felt that it was the right side, so I didn't feel terribly put out.

There was a lot of amazing food, of which I couldn't partake because of my new diet for my health issues (sometimes I wonder what's left to live for, if I cant taste a little delicious food now and then) but Cay enjoyed papusas and horchata.

There were also a number of Mexican and Aztec dancers, which were extremely enjoyable to watch:

The next Dia de los Muertos event we'll be attending will be during LumaFest, a program put on by Santa Rosa Junior College in Petaluma.