Today's Whale Watch.

Today Cay and I drove down to Monterey Bay and boarded The Blackfin for a 4 hour whale watch.  Despite having a cheap point and shoot, I was able to get a few decent photos... a little under 100 of them.  It was a good day:  about 20 Humpback whales, 2 Blue whales, a Minke, about 1500 or so common dolphin, about a dozen harbor porpoises, a few harbor seals, a WHOLE LOT of California sea lions, a couple sea otters, and all sorts of birds, including a couple types of gulls, sooty shearwaters, brown pelicans, and cormorants.  A few birds I just couldn't ID at the time. Birds aren't my specialty (I may pick myself up a Sibley's Guide to Birds of Western North America for Christmas... or just get a better phone and upload the Cornell Labs bird ID ap)

Anyway, I couldn't POSSIBLY choose just a half dozen for the blog post, so I made a little slideshow/video.  That light streak under the water in one of them?  That's a Mola Mola.  Hard to photograph with what I had.  You'll also see some sea nettles in the photos.

At some point I'll likely post some blogs with individual pictures. There are several photos that can be used to ID the whales, a few unique features on some of the whales worth pointing out, and I'll probably also want to post about the importance of sea otters, as well as some posts about jellies. But that's all in the future. Monterey Bay is about 3-4 hours drive, which means we were up at 4 am this morning. The rest of the evening (what little there is) will be spent relaxing and dreaming of the next trip.