Rivertown Revival

amazing Steam Punk!

Today Cay and I went to Rivertown Revival, a one day festival celebrating the Petaluma River. I'm not sure how the festival started, but now it's a mix music, steampunk, a little artsy/ burning man, and local food and drink.  All in all, pretty fun. 

There were quiet a few people dressed in various styles of steampunk, some of the outfits quite elaborate and well constructed.

We heard early that there weren't many vendors this year, and I found myself a little disappointed, although there were two or three who were totally fabulous, the children's area and the top of the hill where there were some performances and the weddings are held were much larger than the shopping areas.

There was also a limited amount of food, which surprised me, although there were multiple beer booths.

There was a tent for "animal oddities" although there was really nothing odd in the animals, they were pretty typical animals used for wildlife outreach:  a number of snakes, an African Crested porcupine, a couple small raptors,  some of the larger lizards, and some tarantulas. 

For me the best part of the day was making contact with Petaluma Wetlands Alliance, one of the organizations I'm thinking of volunteering with.  Their docent classes start in January.

So, numerous stages of music, but the thing that struck me is that apparently this is THE time and place for weddings.  Constructed on a hill, there is a small wedding "chapel":

looking up the hill from the back

the front and seating area
Wedding dresses outside the tents

and there is also a nearby area where wedding dresses flutter on clotheslines, perhaps for those who didn't get theirs before hand?  But weddings there are a mere $5, booked in advance, of course.

There was also a public art creation area, some fun constructions (including the big metal rhino) and an area which had both henna and facepainting, which probably could have been two areas instead, which booked up so quickly Cay and I had to forgo getting henna this year (next year we'll go there FIRST and schedule)

The big rhino... at an entertainment space.
public art creation
just a really fun looking booth

Of course, it was all really for and about the river...

or maybe it really was more all about the steam punk...