Paint Night with Art2Nite

Clementine, from Art2Nite
So I haven't done much painting at home. Some people look for time to paint.  I don't start enjoying it until I make myself sit down, which is the hard part. So I thought it would be fun to go out and paint... no pressure to produce a masterpiece... in a social atmosphere.

I've always been curious about some of the paint night style events, where it's a bit of paint, a bit of drinking, a bit of socializing. It looked like fun, so when I saw that a paint night group was doing koi fish, I decided I'd go.

We had our paint night at Jamison's Roaring Donkey in downtown Petaluma.  Jamison's has a reputation all it's own (good/ popular) but isn't my cup of tea... or margarita, or particularly good wine. It is, however, all about beer and whisky.  I ended up ordering a 7&7 and settled down to paint.

The paintings are simple, step by step, and have a bit of a folk art feel to them.  For me the 7&7 was an important part of painting, because I have a terrible habit of overthinking, which makes me fussy and detail oriented, which isn't what you want in a simple, folk art type painting.  So yeah, there were people there who had never painted before with amazing koi, and all I could think was that my whiskers were in the wrong place, and I didn't have the contrast I wanted in the background.  Then I did the #1 thing NOT to do with paint night social paintings: I went home and fussed with it, which only improved it marginally.

Now I have to say, I see paintings from paint nights all over thrift shops and even up for sale on the internet, so it's NOT about creating a masterpiece, but I DO suggest that if you're going to do it, pick something you want to keep/ hang in your home.  You're not going to get another original painting at that price, and the experience is well worth it.

so yeah, I've got an art degree and my own paints, easel, and surfaces at home, but I'm going to another paint night with this group, because May 3rd Art2Nite will be doing that cute rooster picture that would look great in my kitchen, and they'll be at Hotel Petaluma, with Clementine once again running the event.