Settling In

Today I started feeling at home.

There's still a little work to do in the apartment: I need a table to work on, a dresser for my clothing, and I'd like some sort of console to store items in my living room.

But it's starting to feel good.

I've talked in the past about having these moments where I feel "closer to god".  Moments of awe, a sense of oneness.  I get that a lot here, looking out at the rolling hills.  It's a good feeling. 

Today I walked to the grocery store, and it struck me exactly how easy it would be to use the car only once a week.  Most everywhere is in walking distance, which is one reason why I chose this.  I also found that the credit union across the street offers decent checking and savings accounts, and I'm planning on moving my money there. That does two things: 1st, keeps my money local and allows me more ethical banking, and 2nd, if I ever do have to go into a branch for something, it's right across the street.

I'm starting to meet people here as well, and I can already see some individuals I'd like to have as friends, both at my church and at my apartment complex.  I've also found out that we have $5 bingo at the apartments on Wednesday, which is something I can afford, rather than crossing the street and playing for $42.  Of course, the jackpots aren't huge in the complex ($5 or $10) but that's OK, because I have horrible bingo luck.

Of course this month is a bit of a struggle, since everything went into the move, but next month looks more comfortable, even splitting my money between the two banks while I transition.  I do have a few other expenses I didn't count (licensing the dog, paying for my new driver's license) but that all seems very doable next month, and I'm even thinking of taking a trip up to Bodega Head to see if I can see any whales.

At this point I'm through most of the red tape of moving, and just starting to get cozy. I should have everything finished in the apartment and the last of the red tape unraveled by Butter and Egg Days, which corresponds to the twin's birthday this year!  I think I'll pass on the cow chip throwing contest, however.

My one sadness is that the studio that teaches belly dance here in town is closing April 12th. I hope they offer the classes somewhere else. 


  1. Glad to hear you are settling in. Everything is better once the sun comes out. Hint for surviving the rains (snows here), when I am stuck inside I paint. Do you still have that micaceous clay? Just a thought.

  2. no clay, and can't do it with my hands in this condition anyway. Figure I can still hold a paint brush if I don't grip it tightly, or I could figure out a different way to hold it. I picked up some paints and just need a table to work on. I'll be picking that up at the beginning of the month.


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