Rush Creek, Interupted

This morning I started out on a hike with some of the members of the UU Church here in Petaluma.  I say "started", because one of the joys of chronic illness is that *it happens. I wasn't even a mile into the hike when I realized I had to go back.  A friend took me back by way of a coffee shop, which I was glad to have seen, because I think Cailin would LOVE the place, and I certainly wouldn't mind having a breakfast there sometime with their selection of wonderful teas.

But that's neither here nor there, because the short time I DID spend at Rush Creek has me looking forward to going back on a day when I'm feeling well enough to dare to leave my home.

So, the photos...

Rush Creek Preserve is a tidal mudflat and a Marin County Open Space.  In the short time I was there, I was treated to a variety of wildlife, especially birds.

Sadly, my underwater camera is not up to the task of getting really GOOD bird photos, but I can identify birds from some of the really bad shots like this one, where I was looking at the bird in the center closest to shore.  As bad as it is, this enlargement is enough to identify the bird:

This is an American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana)

photo from The American Audubon Society Webpage

There were plenty of familiar birds, even a couple who got close enough for me to get a halfway decent picture of:
red wing blackbird

snowy egret

For me, a lot of the pleasure came from just being out in the beautiful green unspoiled spaces.

and that pleasure was multiplied a little way up the trail, when a couple mule deer came out of the woodland into the meadow in clear view of the trail.

Once again my camera was unequal to the task, but an enlargement of the deer on the right was surprisingly clear in a blurry background:

Rush Creek allows hiking with leashed dogs, and since Cinnamon is good around the other animals, I'm thinking of taking her when I go back, hopefully later this month.