It pours, man it pours.

the view from my living room window today

It's been raining for two days.  Luckily, we had a break yesterday around mid-afternoon when we unpacked the trailer (members of the church out here helped) and today I got a couple quick breaks that allowed me to get from store to car to apartment without too much of a soaking. It got me humming this song:

Of course it's not so bad as this, but the constant wet is a bit depressing.  I'm exhausted, but the apartment is nice, and the unpacking and arranging is coming along. 

Cinnamon isn't feeling too well.  She cried in her sleep last night, and I came out to the living room to get her and when I picked her up either she was way too warm or I was way too cold (hard to tell sometimes).  In the morning, she was sick to her stomach, and had no interested in the dog biscuits I left hidden in plain sight around the apartment to keep her busy while I ran out for groceries and a shelving unit.

But as dismal as the weather is, life here feels full of potential.  I was a little shocked because the "city" is a lot more rural than I'd imagined.  When I went to return the UHaul, I had to drive a mile down the street past the plaza, turn left, go past the stockyard and auction house, wind my way through the little hilly streets past homes with sheep and horses and an occasional llama, down to a small congested spot at an intersection where the automotive repair shop is... the one with all the UHauls parked out back.

I've noticed all the local goods in the grocery stores: cheeses, wines, and meats from local farms.  Everything seems fresh, and you know it hasn't been on a questionable refrigerator truck for 1500 miles.

There is a lot here to get used to.  The people are a curious mix, everyone from plain spoken conservative farmers to painfully politically correct liberals, but somehow it all works. I can't wait to get out and about (when the rain finally does stop). 

For now, perhaps the rain is a good thing.  Last night I was up until 4 am updating various accounts (loyalty cards, credit cards, that sort of thing) with my new address and trying to make sure everything moves over smoothly.  The rain is slowing down my ability to run around (I actually thought about driving the hour out to Savers today!).  While it's frustrating, I know I need the rest.

I did have a little excitement over the move:  the UHaul I rented had a chunk missing out of one of the back corners, and my stuff got "rained on".  Nothing was damaged, but apparently UHaul has to investigate.  I SHOULD have followed my own very good advice on this one, and inspected everything BEFORE leaving and taking a lot of photos.  The guy who did the hookup was a bit off, and when I'd asked him if theft were a problem with the trailers, he told me the story of the people who ask too many questions always being the ones who file reports, and he figures they steal the stuff themselves.  So I'm not sure if he was telling a story, telling me to shut up, or just diverting my attention from the fact that things weren't right with the trailer... but I put a lock on the chains the way I'd seen in a YouTube video just in case.

Right now I'm glad I got my futon in that trailer, because I'm stretched out with my big fluffy throw, my dog at my feet, and a hot cup of tea in my hand, just looking out the window at the rain dripping from the trees.

and that's just fine for now.