Crossing the Street

It's been raining here in Petaluma.  Generally it POURS, then we get small breaks of 15 minutes or so, then it starts coming down again.  This morning I went out to the Department of Social Services (in the pouring rain).  I figured I could pretty much write the entire day off, but when I got there, there were no cars parked in front of the office, and I figured they were closed... but then the postman came out, and yeah, they were open.  NO WAITING.  I was pretty stunned.  They told me they were a new office, and probably word just hasn't gotten out yet that they existed (they've been open for 11  months!) and once, a while back, there were so many people there they gave out numbers.

I'm going to like it here.

After I got things done, I headed up to Rohnert Park to the Walmart to take my curtain rods back and pick up some garbage bags and a new broom (exiting, eh?). I also couldn't resist a white turtleneck (I've been looking for one for months) on the clearance rack for $1. (YES, ONE DOLLAR!)

So, the afternoon to myself and a clearing overhead, I decided to get adventurous with my few minutes of dry and take the dog for a walk across the street. Just to be clear, I didn't want to get drenched, so I only strayed a couple minutes from the complex, but just to show you how close things are...
my very short walk

Now the original intent was to walk around the little lake in the park, but there were certain barriers to doing that: namely a large number of geese and ducks who had nested near the walkways and hissed menacingly when I got close.

this mamma was particularly aggressive

The walkways were also well covered with goose poop, so it wasn't a terribly appealing prospect. Instead, I walked along the front of the community center and took this photo of the side of the center:

The building is really large, and there's a lot of events that take place there, as well as the field I took this from, which is the location of the Tuesday Farmer's Market.

Off to my left I could see a gateway: the opening to the Lynch Creek Trail:

The trail is paved in both directions, and while I knew the other side of the trail went down to the river and Downtown Petaluma, I never looked at the map to see this end of things.  That's an exploration for another day.

I was somewhat amused to see that Lynch Creek was much MUCH larger than the Santa Fe River (in the City of Santa Fe at least)

Lynch Creek from the McDowell St Bridge
at the end of the bridge, a few steps away was the intersection to Lynch Creek Way, a small road (almost a driveway) to the hospital on one side of McDowell, and the medical offices on the other.

Crossing the road there, between the medical offices and the apartment complex on the opposite side of the creek from the other section of trail, the trail continued toward downtown. One block further down McDowell is a shopping plaza, behind which is the dog park.

One of the things I missed living in Los Angeles is the feeling of green spaces.  Parks were small, and I had to drive to get places like the nature center and dog park, where Cinnamon could run.  And while it's a 37 minute drive to the ocean now, it's not much farther than the drive I had from my Long Beach apartment to Cabrillo Beach, where I spent most of my coastal time.

Not too long ago I posted about missing those times where I felt "close to God"... times of awe and oneness with the land (or water) around me, and how I only had that now on the ocean.  Well, I've had it again here.  Just driving and seeing the rolling green hills rising up in front of me, or looking across the street and seeing the green patchwork hills wreathed in morning fog... It's really quite beautiful here.

So I think I'll end this post with some of the spring flowers growing near the parking lot of the community center.  Then I'll get ready to go to bingo tonight...


  1. I’m so glad you’ve found a beautiful and safe(r) place to be. It looks lovely there! 💗


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