Oh, Petaluma! Things to do in Sonoma County

I started posting a lot of these links to Facebook, then realized I'd never find them again.

After doing some research, yes, there is whale watching along the Sonoma Coast, but boats are for small groups and tend to be expensive.  I can, however, stand on the land and watch, much like I would at Point Vicente here in LA County [Whale Watching Along the Sonoma Coast] The article mentions volunteer educators, so I may have a possible volunteer gig with whales once I get out there.  This is about 37 minutes from my new apartment, so not much farther than I travel to Cabrillo now, and a shorter distance than what I drove out to board the Matt Walsh!

One of the things I was bemoaning is that I would miss the Artisan Cheese Festival in Sonoma County, figuring I wouldn't be out there for the end of March.  Now it looks like I might.

And apparently the Bodega Marine Labs have public (drop in) tours during certain times of the day.  Sounds like fun!

In April I can head into Santa Rosa for their big Earth Day on Stage Festival, or head over to Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vinard for the Bubbles and Blooms Festival on Earth Day.

And that's JUST March and April activities!  And of course, there are always any number of wine country and food tours through out the area.

If Cary and Cailin help me move, I'll probably take them up to whale watch from the coast, and maybe do the Marine Labs, if they're interested.  I want to make the trip fun for them, too!  and of course, on the front end of the trip, if they come up early, we can do some stuff here in LA County.  Cay has a friend who lives here, and I'm sure they'd love to see each other!

Other than that, I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Cheese Festival (although I DO love cheese!) only because I may be exhausted and broke from the move.  But that's the joy of the move: there is always next year for the things I miss this year, and I've yet to do Butter and Egg Day  (in Petaluma, April 28th) and Rivertown Revival (in Petaluma, July 14th)

One of the things I love about moving to Petaluma (and one of the reasons I picked it) is that there is no shortage of festivals, events, and things to do.