Move Update

I found on the internet a few years back, source unknown. 
This may come in handy in the near future. 
Things are kinda crazy right now.  Even though all my paperwork (from my side) is finished, Long Beach Housing "process" is going to have me wait at least another week, maybe three, before they send the paperwork on to Sonoma County Housing.  The big issue with that, of course, is that I need to move out of this place in 13 days (no choice at this point), and move into the new apartment in 14, or risk losing the apartment and my holding fee and facing long term homelessness.

Trying to get through to people in the Housing Office has been a nightmare, because they are so rigid in their process, that I apparently MUST go to a meeting to sign a form which I already signed and submitted a week ago because that's just the way it's done, and they won't move forward until it's done that way (since I already signed the paperwork acknowledging the instructions and risks which they are going to discuss at this meeting, WHY am I going?)  I had requested an earlier meeting instead of the group meeting (next week) but apparently there is no one to do the meetings, because the individual is on vacation, and they don't cover that position when she's gone.

So, while everything was ready to send to Sonoma a week ago (all they have to do in LB is issue my voucher, something they have to wait to get the form I submitted last week to do) I have to wait ANOTHER week before they even look at the paperwork.

I think I've found a HUGE contributing factor to homelessness in Long Beach.  This is the SAME kind of delay I was up against when I came here (with all my paperwork in order and my apartment set up) that lead to my being homeless:  they sat on the paperwork until I lost the apartment.  I sure hope they don't do that again, and that my new complex will be understanding of the delay, which will minimize the amount of time I end up sleeping in my car after I have to move out in 13 days.

IF Long Beach doesn't get their act together, I WON'T be able to move in on my move date in 14 days (it takes a day to drive up there).

What I really don't understand is that the people I talk to at Long Beach Housing say the reason it takes so long is that they're so overworked.  Well, if they just issued the voucher now that the paperwork on my end is complete and sent it on to Sonoma, that would be a lot less work than making me jump through hoops and sending my paperwork through three more hands at the office.

I suppose I should stop expecting things to be rational. And I guess I should start looking into shelters in Sonoma County, because I'm not sure I can get my voucher and my inspection done in time for a March 14 move in at this point.  Public Storage has a half off first month rent, so my move in to the storage facility would be $65.50.  I would be able to move stuff out piecemeal in the car, so I wouldn't need to rent a trailer again (that'll be one good thing!) I think that I'll probably have to go to Catholic Charities in Santa Rosa to get some stop-gap shelter until all the paperwork is done, IF there are beds available somewhere in the county, and of course there is the issue with my dog and sheltering.  In all this, I can't spend money that I need for the balance of my security deposit and rent in the new apartment, so this month could become a real challenge for me.

Now I've dealt with some serious craziness with Section 8 before, but NOTHING like Long Beach. The Santa Fe move was mostly a situation of paperwork that one office said was sent, and the other said they never received and it only lasted a few days. THIS has been a week, will likely be another week, and could drag on beyond that.  The chance that this move will go on schedule gets slimmer every day.