Friday, January 5, 2018

Oh, Petaluma! (finally!)

It's no secret I've been struggling with where my life has lead me, and where I was trying to lead my life.  And then I got a phone call.  It was a mistake, they took my name from the wrong list, but that means my name is at the top of the RIGHT list.  What they could tell me was that in the next month or so, I'll be getting my call for the apartment I've been waiting for in Petaluma.

These last few months I've focused on making my life bearable here, and while there's nothing here I won't take with me, I also might have been more financially conservative if I'd thought the move would come so close on the heels of the new year.

It's not immediate. When I get the call, it'll be another 60 days to transfer my housing voucher, complete my application and move in.  So 3-4 months.  And in that time, I need to finish saving up my security deposit and have money to travel up there to do the paperwork once, maybe twice, before the actual move.

On my meager Social Security check, it's not an easy feat. 

So I've had to give up some stuff.  I'm planning on cutting in half the amount I spend on gas in a month, which means that I'll be leaving the Whale Watch program.  I want to take The Spirit out one last time, and I have The Indian on Monday, and that'll be it.  Tuesday will be my last meeting. 

Going out on The Spirit is important to me, because I also want to photograph Ports O'Call, since it's being demolished to make way for the new public market.  It's a project that will completely change the face of the waterfront in San Pedro, and one I have a love/hate relationship with.  It's a beautiful project, I just hate to see all the small businesses, including the whale watching boats, be kicked out.

For me this also means I'll have a pretty non-existent "farewell tour" of LA county.  I'd really wanted to see the zoo.  I do have a ticket for Harbor Breezes I bought myself before the holidays, and I'll be using that to do a whale watch out of Long Beach sometime in the next few weeks (it expires the end of February)

There had been some progress with some of my medical stuff, including looking at one of the surgeries that may reduce my hypoglycemia and other gastric and endocrine issues, and now that's all going to have to wait again until I'm up in Petaluma.  But I'm OK with that as well, because the hospital in Petaluma is very highly rated and I've lived with this for a long time, it can wait a bit longer.

So there's a little more dues to pay: no Whale Watch, and I may have to limit my time at the Cabrillo Aquarium somewhat.  Food?  Well, I'm going to have to cut back and be more creative with what I can get.  Entertainment?  Well, I haven't done too much of that anyway, and I guess I'll be waiting for Star Wars to be available on DVD or streaming.  As for the rest, well, I've never done Starbucks (but have moved to cheap decaf bulk tea), and won't be getting my hair cut any time soon.  And I haven't had my nails done since the 80's.  So yeah, things are going to get tight, and I just keep hoping the car holds together long enough to get me there.


Birdwatcher said...

Sounds good! Fingers crossed that all goes well for you.

Kate said...

:D thanks!

x said...

Delighted to hear that you are on the top of the list for Petaluma! We can't always see these things coming, and it sounds like you are going to have to give up a lot to make it happen, but is it not wonderful that a mistake will be the break you needed so badly?

I will be thinking kind thoughts
Barb R

Kate said...

Thanks, Barb.

My thinking is that I won't be whale watching in Petaluma, I'm just giving it up sooner than anticipated. I'm not sure how much money I'll save in gas, but it's all going in the move fund. The other part of this is that I've been referred to a new specialist out of town, and now I'll be driving THERE. So I'm not sure what the ultimate financial gain will be. Probably less than $100, but every little bit helps.