Why I moved.

One of my kids today mentioned that it seems I move around a lot.  Yeah. I do. I guess, being an adult now, she doesn't remember why.

I moved out because your father was abusive, and I was pregnant.  Then moved again once I was employed full time, and you came home to live with me.  I moved again because I remarried, and again when he hit your little brother.  I got a better job, so I moved again.  And you started asking when we would own a house.  I bought a house, and we moved again.   Then we lost the house when your brother spent about 3 years in the hospital fairly continuously. And we got a pretty nice apartment, but when your brother got out of the hospital, we needed another bedroom, so we moved again.

That's when I went back to school, you moved onto campus, and when I graduated, I got a job out of state, so I moved again. Then the landlords got in some trouble with HUD, and I moved out, unwillingly... and when I got a better paying job in another state, I moved there.  Until I got too sick to work, and I moved again, but the apartment STILL wasn't cheap enough to live in because it took so long to get my disability, so when I ran out of savings, I had to move again. I moved back north then, but got sicker in the bad weather, so I had to move out of my apartment there and into a cheaper one to pay my medical bills, and that's when they told me I had Lupus, and we moved back to warmer weather. 

Then I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and I decided to move closer to you, so you could watch the girls.  I hated where I moved to.  And when I finally got my disability, and was told the tumors were benign, I moved somewhere I liked.  But it was expensive, and we were on a wait list for subsidized housing, so when a public housing unit opened up, we went there, and when our subsidy went through, we moved into a subsidized unit.  But there the girls had to take two or three buses to school, and it wasn't terribly safe, so we moved into town.  It was nice there.  I was pretty happy.  Then the twins graduated, and one wanted to go to a college that was out of our price range because of the housing costs... so we moved to where the college was.  When the other twin came home, we had a problem, because they both couldn't be on the subsidy after one had left, so someone had to live on their own. Because the apartment was tax-credit, two could live there off subsidy on a lower income, better than one on low income could live anywhere else.  So I took my subsidy and went to senior housing, while the twins stayed in the low income unit.

And when my medical bills got too high, I moved again... back to somewhere I didn't like, and could ill afford, because I got free medical care.  What I don't have is a comfortable apartment, safe public transportation if the car breaks down, heat and air conditioning, or enough space for you or the other kids to fold out the futon if you visited.   So yes, I'm moving again.  I don't know when.

Where?  Well, ideally the place I'd been planning to move to for a couple years before I got here, back when I started putting off medical care when I couldn't afford it.  But that might not be possible, so yes, I am looking at other options, including other states.

and THAT, dear girl, is WHY I've "moved around a lot" over these last 35 years.