Back to Back Whale Watches.

Today I went out on the Matt Walsh out of Marina del Rey for back to back whale watches.  No big whales today, but common dolphin on both trips, and a single coastal bottlenose on the afternoon trip as we were coming back.

I don't expect to see a lot of whales these days.  The big whales are still up north feeding, although we're starting to see a few drifting south, mostly humpback and fin.  No sign of blues heading south yet.

There have also been a couple sightings of early migrating grays, juveniles, who sometimes don't follow the normal migration schedule as closely, but head down to Mexico early, and sometimes head back late.

Regardless, I did get a couple decent photos, and some photos of other things from the boat:

common dolphin under the water, swimming near the boat

not the greatest photo of a mom and calf with a couple other commons jumping in the background
an entirely predictable dolphin photo
yes, you can see the Hollywood sign from the ocean
Fishermen's Village (seems there's one in EVERY beach town)
pelicans in flight over Marina del Rey