I had to break into my sealed envelope for my security deposit yesterday.  Unfortunately the prescriptions I had to fill (I start prepping today for a medical test Wednesday) aren't fully covered by my Medicare, and Medi-Cal isn't paying the co-pays. I'll pay back into it tomorrow when I get my check. It's all just bad timing.

Yesterday I also got a letter about "changes to my coverage".  I must point out that said "letter" came in the form of an 85 page 8.5 x 11 inch book.  Of course, open enrollment is coming up, but it'd be hard to change coverage and doctors in the middle of everything.


Medical care wasn't this hard 30 years ago.  I didn't have to think much about it.  If I, or the kids, needed to see a doctor, we went.  My insurance covered most things, Medicaid covered the kids, and the rest was affordable, no matter how bad my insurance was at the time.  There were no waits for specialists.  I never had to decide whether or not it was more important to eat or see a doctor, and never had to juggle whether or not to go to the doctor, to urgent care, or to the ER in case of a serious accident or illness.

I've never understood having a system in place where the sick and elderly have less coverage and pay higher costs than the healthy, especially when the sick and elderly have been paying taxes and medicare during their times of health, and those now healthy will eventually also have to rely on those government programs to some degree.


Right now health and finances (and how the two are linked) are big issues for me as I continue to go through these medical tests, some routine, others not routine at all. 

It seems this summer's job has gone to pay (in part) for two things: The car repairs and the dog's medical care, both of which have not only eaten up the most part of my summer earnings, but have left me in additional debt. 

After Petaluma, when the car goes, it's gone. Walkability is one of the big selling points for me when it comes to the apartments in Petaluma.  Getting rid of the car would put another $120/ month or so back into my budget, at my current rate of gas usage and insurance cost.  And of course, no maintenance and repair expenses.

Hopefully Cinnamon will remain well enough that her medical costs will be minimal, but I'll have the Care Credit paid off by January, and will have that as backup.

Every move I make feels a little more scary.  I've never actually been to Petaluma, on the other hand, I'd never been to Albuquerque or Santa Fe, and used the same methods to decide on my move there as I have the Petaluma move, and I was pretty darn happy in New Mexico.


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