Monday, April 17, 2017

March for PROGRESS

Today I'm reading about the number of women, especially women of color, who are abandoning the science march because of the patriarchal and racially non-inclusivity of the organizers.

I get it. And I get that science has a problem.

And in the past I've read the same thing about the women's march.  Not just from women of color, but from trans women.

And I have to wonder, if you can't stand up for women's rights, or science, or climate change, or Black Lives, or any of the other causes because you're protesting their lack of inclusiveness, it seems two things happen:  1) they continue to be NOT inclusive because you don't show up and 2) the cause gets lost.  Science, Climate Change, Immigration issues, LGBTQ rights, Black Lives... NONE of those causes should suffer because one group or another feels underrepresented.

At this point it seems to me that we're fragmenting things down smaller and smaller. That intersectionality has become divisive, rather than uniting.  That infighting is exactly what the Right benefits most from, because if they have us hating eachother rather than organizing and protesting together, we're not going to have the numbers, visibility and cohesion to make the difference we need to make.

I'd like to see a march that stops dividing, and starts uniting. Call it the march for progress, or the Truth, Justice and the American Way march, or the Liberty and Justice for All march (the latter two would especially steam the radical right) and have the march comprised of ALL the groups.  I want to see a march that INCLUDES rainbow flags, Black Lives Matter banners, Pink Pussycat Hats, and Science and Climate Change awareness banners.  I want to see all those banners and flags and hats and PEOPLE marching side by side, because really, it's all part of ONE THING.

ONE THING:  either we move forward, either we embrace social and environmental justice, or we can stay where we are, fighting over whose flag comes first, who should lead, while the right pushes us back and back and back, slowly stripping away the protections and rights of all people, starting with the marginalized populations one after another, until there is no one free left.