Saturday, April 15, 2017

It takes action

Like everyone else these days I find myself torn in many directions.  There is so much to protest, so much to fight for:  Science,the Environment, Health Care, Immigrant Rights, Black Lives, Transparency in Government, Anti-War...  It seems that there is a cause or a march for everything.  I can't imagine a time in our history when we were going in the WRONG direction on so many issues.

Right now I'm personally focusing on two things:
        -The plight of the homeless
        -Environmental science education

And while I'll continue to support the marches, protests, and efforts for other causes, I know I am only one person, but one person who with another and another and another can make a difference.

I hope that we are all out there, wearing our pink pussycat hats to all the marches and protests we can, to adding our voice to the numbers, while going beyond walking and holding signs to making a difference one on one in our communities.

Back in the day, we used to scoff at those who went to church, then came home and were vile toward their neighbors.  Now I feel the same way about those who go to the marches, and come home and think that's all there is to making a better world.

I applaud those going to town hall meetings, to those working in education and in libraries, to those who are witnesses and first responders to abuses of power and brutality.  I honor those who are out there feeding the poor, and who are defending those who are being ripped from their families and homes because they are no longer welcomed in Trump's America.  I have respect for those who take in those at risk, and the law makers and policy makers who stand between the people and the unfair and prejudicial laws that are being enacted.  

There is more than carrying a sign.  There is carrying the weight, there is doing the work.

I encourage everyone to turn out for everything: every town hall, every march, every sit in.  But I also encourage everyone to find one or two things you can do on a local level:  run for any office, volunteer at a soup kitchen, organize a neighborhood clean up,   anything that moves us forward.  It takes more than words.  It takes action.