Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Every day a new nightmare.

People being pulled off the street because they have brown skin. Children coming home to find their families missing.

People being threatened because they are Jewish.

People being barred entry into the country because they are Muslim, or have Muslim sounding names, or just look like they might be Muslim.

Companies given the go-ahead to sell our internet browsing history, to know what we look at, what we read.

Government positions given to the family of the leader. Rampant nepotism.

Black children missing in large numbers, and no one really talking about it... until one media outlet put it all together... and still no response, no cry for justice from the masses.

Art, music, literature, journalism, all suppressed or defunded.  Military prioritized.

And it seems we're all tired.

There are still some protests going on:  March for Science.  Tax Day.  But it seems people just are starting to feel weary.

It's easy to give in.

To let them win.

When you're beaten so far down, I guess it feels like a little more won't matter.

Or some people are looking around and saying "It hasn't happened to me. I'll just lay low."

It's not time to quit.  It's not time to curl up and give in.

This all reminds me of this song:

Now we see everything that's going wrong 
With the world and those who lead it 
We just feel like we don't have the means 
To rise above and beat it 

So we keep waiting 
Waiting on the world to change 
We keep on waiting 
Waiting on the world to change 

It's hard to beat the system 
When we're standing at a distance 
So we keep waiting 
Waiting on the world to change
And the problem with this, the problem we all need to keep in mind, is that the world will NEVER change until WE change it.

Stand strong.