Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell to Fab

Many of you knew me as Fab 50 Kate of Fabulous @ 50.  Almost 7 years ago I started on a journey to get healthy, to lose 200 lbs, and to become "fabulous".  And while I've lost close to 180 of those pounds, and have likely lost more (when I started, I couldn't get an accurate weight), I didn't have a really clear view of what "fabulous" would look like.

At this point I'm working on those last stubborn pounds (I want to lose about 30 more) and on dealing with some of the new health issues that have cropped up with my weight loss.  And while it's been flattering to have a couple thousand followers on various social media and my blogs, in the last couple months it's been a lot more about marketing than my health, and the health and fitness blogging has ground down to a monotonous and sparse selection of posts about having back pain, low blood sugar, and no weight changes.  And so I ended it.

Some of what I had to blog about that, when I feel it's relevant, will now be blogged here, in addition to my other blog topics.  But mostly I've achieved what I wanted to with Fab50:  I've gone on to living life, rather than focusing on a constant battle with my weight and my health.  This blog has always been the one about my living life, and is the blog I choose to continue writing.

For me blogging was never about the followers, and while sure, it feels great to have that many people interested in what I have to say, I also was always struggling not to become a brand, not market myself, but simply be.  I'm not a leader.  I've played that role before, and at my age I'm ready to stand back and let someone else lead.  And I don't need a spotlight, just my friends, a pat on the back, a smile, and I wouldn't say no to the occasional comment.

There are all sorts of women in weight loss and fitness blogging whom I admire, and continue to follow.  There's even been a recent addition to my blogroll:  Authentically Emmie.  And very often these women are exactly the kind of women that I've decided not to become: women who have achieved some sort of recognition and following for their weight loss and fitness blogging activities.  They also have the role of mentor and role model to the women who follow them, and have all sorts of outside and marketing obligations they've taken on as part of their "brand".

Me?  Let me become famous for my art.  I'd rather not market other people's stuff... and I'd rather be an icon than a role model.  My life has gotten comfortably quiet.  It's not that I don't like the idea of the money, but that I don't like the idea of the huge interface between my public and personal life a situation like this would involve.