Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The River of Lights... again this year...

I love the River of Lights.  I go every year, no matter how cold, no matter how poorly I feel.  Yesterday I was feeling pretty poorly, so the photos are less than stellar.

What makes the River of Lights so great isn't that it's so unimaginably BIG for a light show of this type, but that every year there's something new, something different, and the arrangement of the old favorites is different.

This year the picnic field was turned into an ocean, complete with fish, an octopus, and other sea creatures.

There was new signage, although whether meant as helpful or humorous, I'm not quite sure:

there were some of our new/old favorites:

as well as some fun rebuilds:

and for me, there was nothing cooler than looking over the pond at the expanse of lights and colors.

This year, however, we did not stop off at Mrs. Claus's Kitchen, having had some cider and cookies earlier at the volunteer reception.