Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Thoughts on New Years Eve Day

  • Today I'm regretting some of the self censoring (read: deleting posts) I've done on this blog, after the girls asked about a post from LA showing our small apartment, and a certain stuffed animal on the back of the futon we had in that apartment. It was one of my "living poor" posts which I'd taken offline.

  • I'm less worried about the so called fiscal cliff today. Mostly because although it's a lot of stuff I hate seeing in our budget, I can't disagree with eliminating the tax cuts, and I can also see cutting the military budget. So what would going over the fiscal cliff involve? Readjustment to the economy... I'm good with that. I'd like to see unemployment benefits shortened, only because the economy isn't likely to get better, and those people will have to be moved to welfare sometime. I'd like to see them get a couple months heads up before benefits end, though. Other than that? I think the main issue is that the two sides can't come together, and that shows something about how our government works.

  • That said, I suspect there will be some sort of 11th hour deal, and that sometime today there will be a stopgap measure passed for unemployment and some sort of temporary extension of a farm bill.

  • BIG snowstorm coming through... maybe. It's snowing pretty good now, and the forecast has been back and forth between it being "light snow", "heavy snow", and 4 days of snow. We need the snow because of the drought. I only hope that it keeps the heavy drinkers home celebrating tonight instead of out on the road.

  • We're set right now to be snowed in. Tay bought food for the family this week, we've got a few board games, and we've got a few movies on hour shelves. I've got a book I've been reading, and of course there are the computers, and tonights specials on TV for the New Year. I'm not going to mind not driving until the weather clears.

  • I've stopped believing the following year will be any different than the current year. There are still going to be the same kind of struggles, the same concerns, the same opportunities, the same joys. Change happens slowly in the world outside, and inside... in our individual lives... we have little opportunity for change because of our financial situation. Change in our situation would be BAD, because unless we're talking about a lottery win, the most likely way to go is DOWN.

  • After an almost 6 month wait, I'll be seeing one of the medical specialists I've been waiting for at the end of next month. And after changing insurance 6 months ago, getting a new primary care physician, and my initial checkup with that physician, my new doctor has left, and instead of a doctor (because of shortages) I've been assigned to a nurse practitioner. With my health issues, I'm not confident that's the best way to go.

  • Today's plan: a whole lot of napping, a little exercise, good food, and resting up for tonight. Tonight's plan: TV, food, and games with the girls.

  • Yesterday we went to Dollar Tree and got some noisemakers for tonight. The horns didn't blow. The clackers didn't clack (plastic parts were molded incorrectly). We tossed the silent noisemakers in the trash (goodbye $2) and I'd thought about going out today to get decent ones... until I pulled back the shades today and saw the storm outside. We'll just get creative here at home instead.