Saturday, January 19, 2008

Death and Clarke's Law

from last year's memoirs...

Clarke's Third Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Chewy: I wanted to go back to sleep.
Tay: WHY do we have to go to the zoo today? Why can't we go tomorrow? What are we doing tomorrow?
Me: I'm resting up tomorrow, after going to the zoo today.
Cay: can we go to the zoo tomorrow?
Me: tomorrow's Sunday.
Tay: that's right, is that like a holiday... no... wait... it's SUNDAY.
Me (sarcastically): OMG, that's RIGHT! Sunday is SUNDAY!
Cay: and besides, we have to do what mom wants to in the last couple months of her life.
Chewy: OMG!
Me: Last couple months? that's ALL I have left? (laughing) Dang, I'd hoped for a couple YEARS.
Cay: I'm just saying.
Me: Besides..
Tay: maybe you shouldn't go to the zoo. Maybe you should stay home so you don't die.
Me: That's RIGHT! I could lock myself in my room. YES! mommy is going to cheat death!
Tay: you should stay home and rest so you don't die
Me: And I'll lock all the doors and bar the windows and DEATH will NEVER get in MWAA HAA HAA!
Cay: wait a minute
Me (on a roll now): And I won't eat anything because it might make me sick, and I won't breath the poison air....
Cay: Wait a minute...
Chewy: you won't eat or drink?
Me: I won't eat anything and I won't breathe... and I'll cheat Death!
Chewy: you'll die of starvation.
Me: no, I'm going to cheat Death, with the doors and windows locked, Death won't be able to come in!
(everyone busts out laughing)
Cay: He can... Death can teleport. He's done it before... He can you know..